Photo Editing Showcase

Please review the images below. You can click the image to enlarge it and view as a slideshow.

Select the top 3 and bottom 3. Note – you can select more or less, it’s not limited.

Pay attention to the wood color and the window along with the brightness and colors of the appliances.
This was taken during the day and converted, so pay attention to things like the shadow of the fence, and realistic interior lighting along with ground lighting effects.
Look at the windows for a good exposure level as well as the fan. This was a test as the fan was shot too brightly.
This show was chosen because it was taken with 2 flash shots to help light the closet more. Pay attention to that and the shadow on the left along with the window on the right.
There are a lot of windows and different colors here. In general, look for natural brightness out the windows and realistic coloring. There is also a tiny bit of a wall on the left that should have been cropped out of the shot.
This shot is in contrast to the previous living room. It should look bright and open, with subtle colors. There is a fireplace on the left.